If George R.R. Martin wrote The Lion King.
Not my gif, whoever made this is a god damn genius.
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One of the more excellent ways to be reminded you are in España. #incostabrava #jamon
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I am not allowed to leave the mini-club. Kids refuse to leave. I live here now. #costabrava #parenting (at Calella de Palafrugell)
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Finn The Human! #adventuretime
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Cameras are weird. How is my baby so enormous next to the little dude? #bathlife
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Adventurin’. (at Playa Estartit)
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When last I ‘grammed’ we were in Bucerias, Mexico. We are no longer in Bucerias. #lestartit #spain (at Playa de L’Estartit)
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April 16, 2014 VIEW POST
ADHD + 2 small children means that washing the van is a three-day project.
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